A Derya Arms MK-12 12 Gauge Semi-Auto Shotgun, cerakoted in a distressed red battle-worn finish. This product can be cerakoted to any required colour or finish. The barrel length is 24 inches and the firearm weighs 8.4lbs overall. Supplied in a black plastic case. 


Supplied With: 

  •  3 Mobil Chokes 
  • Polymer Stock with 10 level adjustable cheek piece 
  • Flip up sights 
  • Offset sights 
  • Carry Handle Sights 
  • Handle Guard and Forward Grip 
  • Single Point Sling 
  • Ambidextrous Cocking handle Operation 
  • 1x 5rd Mag + 1x 2rd Mag +1x10rds Mag  


DERYA ARMS MK-12 Semi-Auto Shotgun (Custom Battle-WornFinnish)

SKU: Red Derya

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