Kar 98a carbine 7.92/8MM FROM THE FACTORY ERFURT.

these were produced in 1898 and finished in 1918,  rifles from Erfurt . The Kar.98a was accepted into service in 1908. In the German Army of the early 20th century, the units armed with carbines included: Artillery, bicycle, cavalry, engineer, machine gun, military police, motor transport, supply, and telephone and telegraph units. This Kar 98a is one of 300,000 produced at the Erfurt Arsenal .The Beechwood stock with grasping grooves and takedown washer has faint cartouches at the pistol grip. The barrel is clean and sharp with strong rifling. This is an honest WW1 Battle rifle in good condition

A rare rifle of its time, also this rifle was purchased from Germany

Kar 98a Carbine 7.92/8MM ERFURT 1916

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