A Brand-New LMT MARS-L * Straight Pull rifle in 5.56x45 NATO. These rifles have been manufactured specially for C&G Firearms Limited, and are identical to their Section 5 cousins, excluding the gas system. LMT are well known for building exceptionally accurate and reliable firearms, and these rifles are no exception! 




Make: Lewis Machine & Tool (LMT) 

Model: SPM16MARS 

Caliber: 5.56x45 NATO 

Operating Method: Straight Pull, Ambidextrous Charging Handle

Barrel: 16” Chromed 

Rifling: 1 in 7 

Trigger: Two-stage match trigger 

Bolt Release: Ambidextrous

Colour: Black 

Included Magazine: 1x20 Rounds 

Included Accessories: Sling, Manual 



*Please Note: ‘MARS-L’ is the model name and has no relation to the now-prohibited MARS VZ.58 rifles. 

LMT MARS-L Straight Pull (5.56x45 NATO)

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