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PM-63 Rak SMG

Cal.9x18 mm (9mm Makarov).


Mint Original Condition.

Manufactured In Radom Poland ( Circle 11).

Canvas Holster Included

The PM-63 is a Polish submachine gun. The acronym RAK means Reczny Automat Komandosow, or commando's automatic weapon.This submachine gun was officially adopted by the Polish military and law enforcement forces in 1965. Its official name is Pistolet Maszynowy wzor 1963.The PM-63 was a relatively light and compact weapon, intended for close combat role.The PM-63 is a blowback operated weapon, which fires from an open bolt. It has got a firing rate reduction mechanism, which slowed the rate of fire from 1 000 rpm to more controllable 600-650 rpm.The PM-63 is a selective fire weapon, though there is no usual fire mode selector. The trigger itself is used to control the mode of fire. Pulling it half the way, will result in a single shot, while the full pull will result in full-auto fire. Even though this concept of progressive trigger was not new, it was not commonly used.

PM-63 RAK (11) SMG FULL-AUTO 9X18mm

SKU: TM09041

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