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A Winchester Pump-Action 22lr Gallery Rifle. This rifle sports a hexagonal-pattern barrel (screw-cut for Parker Hale moderators) and is in very good condition for its age. Rifles like these would have featured prominently at the fairground in days gone past. Can be deactivated if required.


S/N:  822428

Winchester 22lr Pump Action Gallery Rifle

SKU: 822428

    Winchester 22lr Pump Action Gallery Rifle.

    Note, this rifle takes a 22LR.

    Hexagonal Barrel.

    Take Down Gallery Rifle.

    Very Good Condition overall for its Age.

    Fitted Parker Hale Moderator.

    A Blast from the past remeber the fair ground ranges in your youth.

    This is the rifle you would have used then.


    Type: Rifle

    Make: Winchester

    Model: Model 90

    Calibre: .22 LR

    Mech: Pump Action (RH)

    Barrel: Stock

    Serial No: 822428


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