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HK MP5-A5 fitted with QD-5 suppressor, low profile mount and ED-2 sight


QD-5 9mm Commando Supressor

The new QD-5 suppressor is an extremely compact and efficient suppressor designed specifically for the MP5 series. At only 380 g in weight and 195 mm in length it represents the cutting edge of today’s technology. Muzzle flash and blast are virtually eliminated, with the firing report dramatically reduced when using either ball or subsonic ammunition. The
suppressor is manufactured from stainless steel and aircraft grade aluminium alloy. This combines the highest degree of corrosion resistance with a long service life. The suppressor is designed to function reliably and efficiently in the most hostile environments.

The QD-5 incorporates a quick detach mount, directly compatible with the MP5-A2/A3/A4/A5 and the MP5K-PDW. No weapon modifications or tools are required - the suppressor locks directly onto the barrel lugs in seconds.


Sound reduction**: 29 dB

Construction: Stainless steel and Aluminium alloy
Length: 195 mm
Weight: 380 g
Diameter: 36 mm
Service life*: 20,000 rds +

NSN: 1005-99-001-9923

* Depending on type of use
** Measured according to US MIL STD 1474-D


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Selected products

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