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HK USP 9 mm pistol fitted with RS-9 suppressor


RS-9 9mm Pistol Suppressor

The RS-9 suppressor is an extremely compact and efficient suppressor designed specifically for 9mm pistols. The RS-9 incorporates a RID device (Recoil Inertial De-coupler), which ensures reliable cycling of the parent weapon. The suppressor is extremely compact, with the advanced baffle design achieving maximum suppression potential. Muzzle flash and blast
are virtually eliminated, with the firing signature dramatically reduced when using either ball or subsonic ammunition.

The RS-9 is of a low maintenance design, with a service life in excess of 10,000 rds*.

The suppressor is manufactured from stainless steel and aircraft grade aluminium alloy. The outer casing and internal aluminium components are all hard anodised which increases service life and enhances protection against corrosion. The suppressor is designed to function reliably and efficiently in the most hostile environments.

Extended and threaded barrels can be supplied on request for most 9mm pistols


  • Sound reduction**: 29 dB

  • Construction: Stainless steel and aluminium alloy

  • Length: 205 mm

  • Weight: 245 g

  • Diameter: 32 mm

  • Service life*: 10,000 rds +

  • Screw threads: M13 x 1.0mm, M13.5 x 1.0mm, M14 x 1.0 mm LR or RH, ½” x 28 UNEF are standard. Other sizes available on receipt

NSN: 1005-99-836-4755

* Depending on type of use
** Using subsonic ammunition. Measured according to MIL STD 1474-D


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Selected products

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